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Our New Website Published an hour ago

Welcome to our new website.
We have developed a new website so that we can as a community be able to communicate better.
We are asking that all members/property owners & associate members register for an account. You will not be able to view the the locked pages without registering for an account because they may contain information that is private to the community.(locked pages are for Property Owners only)
To register click on the register tab at the top right of the screen & the registration screen will open.
Please fill out all the information & then click on the register button at the bottom left of the screen.
After you click on the register button your account will need to be approved by the website administrator.
While you are waiting for your account to be approved you should log in by clicking on the log in tab at the top right of the screen, after you log in you will see your name at the top right of the screen with a down arrow next to your name, click on the down arrow & select member settings, once the member settings opens click on the privacy tab & you can select if you want things like your phone number or email address to show in the resident directory, after you make your choices click on the save button at the bottom left of the screen.
We want this new website to not only allow us to communicate with you we also want this to be an easier way for all members to be able to communicate with the Board of Directors & other members of our community.
After registering & your account has been approved please take some time to review all the different pages.
The site is still a work in progress & you will see that all pages aren’t in use yet but everything from the old site has been transferred, if you are familiar with the old website you will see how this is a much better website for HOA’s.
We don’t have email address for all of our members so please share this information with your friends & neighbors within our community.
Our goal is to have 100% of our members register, we need your help to accomplish this task.

Thank you for your support,
Your TSA BOD’s

For more detailed instructions follow this link.