To open or not to open.
Virginia is still in Phase One of the Covid 19 pandemic. For swimming pools that means only lap swimming is allowed. One person per lane.  Also only 50% of the membership are allowed in the pool area at a time.  Constant monitoring, disinfecting, and social distancing has to be maintained at all times.  The good thing for all this is that being in the water is the safest part of the pool being open. 

I have talked to other pool managers in the area, Donnie, from Paradise Pool, and of course I listen to our Governor.

I have been advised to keep the pool closed until the state at least goes to Phase Two. If the pool opens, it will not be fully operational like we are used to.  The Virginia State Department of Health through the local health department, is now in charge of all public pools.  In order to open we have to apply.  To remain open, we have to daily make our chemical readings available to the health department. Our pool maintains the standards that is necessary for safe swimming and to meet the requirements of the Health Department.

There are other considerations for opening. Social distancing while on the deck of the pool, constant cleaning for sanitizing of the area, bathroom facilities, and entrance and exit of the pool.

We are working through all of this while we await to see what the Governor, the CDC, and the Health Department gives us for guidelines.

All of us at Tanglewood Shores has done a good job of staying safe and healthy.  We, the Board, do not mind doing the hard work to get the pool open, but we will not sacrifice everyone's health and safety to open it. 

 When we move to Phase Two and get more directions we will inform all of you of the decisions to open or not.

Linda Adamos, President

Here is a link to Virginia Phase 2 Guidelines, go to page 23 for Pool Guidelines as of 6/03/2020
Phase 2 Pool Guidelines